COVID-19 Update: Vine Street Vinegar is OPEN at Renninger’s Kutztown Market. We look forward to seeing you, but we are continuing to offer free delivery up to a 20 mile radius around Renninger’s Kutztown Market for those not yet ready to come back to the market. Please order online and select the Local Pickup shipping option. We will call to confirm delivery.

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Happy Easter! Get Your Holiday ACV!

It’s Easter weekend! Add these to your ham, your green beans, your potatoes, your Marshmallow Peeps! Infusions available 3/30-3/31 Basil Fyre Cyder Garlic Ginger Habanero Horseradish Hot Cherry Pepper Jalapeno Oregano Rosemary Sage Turmeric

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Using Vinegar to Cook a Roast

I stumbled on this handy recipe while looking for the correct temp and time for a chuck roast. I used the vinegar suggestions from Our Everyday Life in that chuck roast (pictured above). Brynne Chandler suggests Add enough vinegar to the pot roast to just cover its bottom and maybe 1/4 inch of the sides. The amount doesn’t have to be exact, but about a cup of liquid for a 4-pound roast is about right. You can use any type of vinegar including white, sherry or flavored vinegar like raspberry, but the milder and deeper flavor of balsamic vinegar

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Weather Affecting Bottling Effort

Due to the 9 or so inches of snow we got, we weren’t able to get to the Market to bottle everything we had on hand. We got some bottling done, but it’s much less than we were expecting. We still have plenty of infusions available for this weekend. See you at the Market!

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Week One Done! Thank You!

Wow! What a great weekend! Thank you to everyone who came out and took home some infused apple cider vinegar. The garlic was wildly popular, and nearly sold out. Don’t worry, we have the next batch ready to bottle. Turmeric turned out to be the second most popular infusion. We were shocked by the number of people using turmeric for it’s many purported health benefits. It’s awesome! We still have some turmeric, hot cherry pepper, ginger, and jalapeno left for next week. Basil is definitely ready, and will be available in large and small bottles. Garlic will be restocked in

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Infused Apple Cider Vinegar Tastings – 3/9-3/10

We’ll be at the Kutztown market this weekend pouring samples of some upcoming infusions. We’ll also be tinkering with our design for a homemade vinegar generator: Die Schutzenbach! Come geek out with us about fermentation, food, crafts, music and whatever other topics pop up throughout the day. Here’s a list of the exotic tastes we’ve infused into organic apple cider vinegar for this weekend: Garlic Basil Ginger Sage Rosemary Oregano Horseradish Habanero Pepper Hot Cherry Pepper And we mixed most of these ingredients into a hellish brew called Fire Cider. Come try them all! We also have some infusions mellowing

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Cleopatra’s Pearl – Vinegar History

From Pliny the Elder’s Natural History Vol. II There were formerly two pearls, the largest that had been ever seen in the whole world: Cleopatra, the last of the queens of Egypt, was in possession of them both, they having come to her by descent from the kings of the East. When Antony had been sated by her, day after day, with the most exquisite banquets, this queenly courtesan, inflated with vanity and disdainful arrogance, affected to treat all this sumptuousness and all these vast preparations with the greatest contempt ; upon which Antony enquired what there was that could

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Raw, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (w/ the Mother)