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Rave Reviews

People are raving about Vine Street Vinegar’s raw, organic apple cider vinegar flavors and the many uses they found. Check out what some of our customers have said.

Better than Bragg’s! A LONG time (over 40 years) vegetarian and former staunch vegan who has used Bragg’s products since the late 1970s and still do! However, Vine Street Vinegar is absolutely AMAZING! I implore everyone to try

Tracy R.

I have been using Vine Street Vinegar for over a year.  I absolutely love their product and use the vinegar daily.  I add the vinegar to various recipes and sometimes use it as a substitution for lime and lemon.  For example, horseradish guacamole!  I also try to live an oil free lifestyle and having the flavor infused vinegar to add to my salads has been wonderful.  They add tremendous flavor without all the added chemicals and oil that store-bought salad dressings may contain.  The customer service is on par and always make sure that the packages arrive unharmed.  I can’t wait to try any new flavors that Vine St Vinegars can come up with.

Sara B.

This garlic infused vinegar will change your world! Perfect for the classic summer dish of mozzarella cheese, heirlooms tomatoes and basil! Balsamic vinegar can be too sweet and heavy….this garlic vinegar is robust, light and oh so delicious! It will change the way you look at and cook with vinegar! It’s a heavenly product! I can’t stop using it!

Joseph M.

At the Bowers Chile Pepper Food Festival, I purchased the organic pineapple habanero vinegar to drink a tablespoon daily in 8 oz of water. It is delicious. I am already a vinegar drinker, but this is so unique. Also, I will take your suggestion to use the vinegar as a dressing/marinade or meat/chicken tenderizer.

Lori G.

I’m obsessed with your vinegar! Especially the garlic and hops!

F. A. M.

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